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One of the oldest web hosts started in 1996, Bluehost has become the largest brand name when it comes to WordPress hosting. They are an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider. With Bluehost India, you never have to worry about your website being slow even when there is a lot of traffic. Their 24/7 expert support is always there to help when you need it by phone, email, or live chat. They are rated #1 in web hosting for small businesses. On top of that, if you opt for Bluehost from the below link you will get an exclusive 65% off discount, a Free Domain, Free SSL, and a free Site Builder with templates.

In this unbiased Bluehost India review, we’ll cover the most critical deciding factors in detail. We will look into both positives(Pros) and negatives(Cons) in detail. Before that let’s talk about the various offerings of Bluehost India.

Bluehost India Offerings

Bluehost India offers a variety of hosting plans for all budgets and sizes. This includes shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, cloud hosting, WooCommerce hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and more.

Let’s take a look at Bluehost hosting plans and their features.

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is the perfect way to start a new website with low traffic volume. In a shared hosting environment, your website shares server resources with other websites.
  • Cloud hosting: A more reliable upgrade to the shared hosting plan. It allows you to utilize multiple cloud servers, allowing your website to automatically switch to a different server in case of a hardware failure or high traffic.
  • WordPress hosting: Their WordPress plans are designed specifically for WordPress powered websites. It is optimized to run WordPress and can even protect your WordPress site against common threats.
  • WooCommerce hosting: WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, it allows you to easily start an online store with WordPress. WooCommerce hosting offers you all the essential features to kick start your eCommerce store.
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting: An upgrade to shared WordPress hosting, VPS hosting allows you to virtual dedicated resources in a shared environment.
  • Dedicated hosting server: A dedicated hosting server for your website, means you will have all the resources of the dedicated server to yourself. The downside is that you will have to manage the server on your own.

For the vast majority of us, shared web hosting is more than enough. If you are building a whole new website, you have no way to know how much traffic will your website attract. Going for anything more than shared hosting is overkill at this stage.

With dedicated hosting, you are essentially renting a physical server. VPS hosting is a middle-ground option where you share a physical server with others, but you have your virtual operating system, so the server functions as if it is physically yours. WordPress hosting is of course what it sounds like—hosting optimized for WordPress customers.

As shared web hosting is more than enough for most of us, Let’s get deep into various Shared web hosting plans offered by Bluehost India.

Bluehost’s Shared Hosting Plans

Bluehost offers a shared hosting package suitable for starter websites. Their shared plan is available at four different levels.

Bluehost India Price

Let’s take a look at what’s included in each plan.

  • Basic: The basic plan only allows you to host one website. It hosts one domain and 25 subdomains, 50GB SSD storage, 5 email accounts of 100 MB disk space for each account. For the first term you’ll pay Rs 175 per month if you opt for 36 month & Rs 299 per month if you opt for 12 month plan.
  • Plus: The Plus plan includes unlimited websites with unlimited web space and bandwidth. You’ll also get unlimited email accounts. The price for the first term starts from Rs 279 per month if you opt for 36 month & Rs 459 per month if you opt for 12 month plan.
  • Choice Plus: The Choice Plus plan includes all features of plus plan. You will also get free domain privacy, and automated daily backups powered by CodeGuard as extras worth over $80/year. The price for the first term is Rs 279 per month if you opt for 36 month & Rs 459 per month if you opt for 12 month plan.
  • Pro The Pro plan starts from Rs 859 per month for the first term if you opt for 36 month & Rs 1159 per month if you opt for 12 month plan. It includes all features of above plans + dedicated IP address.

If you are just starting your website, I recommend you go with the basic or plus tier plans. You can easily upgrade your hosting plan anytime as your website grows.

7 Reasons why you should choose Bluehost India

1. Great Uptime

Uptime is one of the most critical aspects when choosing a web host – after all, if your site is down, your users can’t access it. So, consistent uptime should be one of your top priorities when looking at hosting services.

The benchmark for “good” uptime is 99.93%. The good news is that Bluehost easily surpasses this benchmark, comfortably keeping our test site live for 99.94% of the time during the last 10 months (October 2020 to July 2021). 

Bluehost uptime history

The above screenshot shows the uptime data of Bluehost India in the past 10 months. Source: Hosting Facts

2. Fast Page Loading

While looking for a good web host, one of the most critical performance metrics you should always look out for is speed. It not only affects your website’s user experience, but it equally affects your website rankings in the search engines.

Studies conducted by Strange Loop Networks show that “a 1-second delay in website loading time can reduce your conversion rate by 7%. It’ll also result in an 11% loss in page views and a 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.”

In other words, slow websites often lead to lower sales.

This is apparently something to be worried about. Additionally, a recent report from Google discovered that the majority of mobile websites are too slow.

Now, that’s a big issue for two reasons: Google’s mobile-first index can either boost or hide your website in user searches based on its loading time.

Therefore, after uptime, the second most critical factor that can have a great impact on your website’s success is your page loading speed. And the web host you choose often has a significant role to play here.

Impressively, Bluehost records an excellent loading speed of 735ms on average between October 2020 to July 2021.

Bluehost Response time history

3. Low Introductory Pricing (Rs 175/m)

At just Rs 175 per month (if you buy from the below link), Bluehost India offers one of the cheapest hosting pricing on the internet. And you will get everything you need to comfortably host one website at that insanely cheap price. That includes:

  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free domain registration

4. Beginner’s friendly

Bluehost is ideal for anyone venturing into creating and maintaining a website for the first time. This is because there isn’t a need for advanced web management knowledge or coding when you set up your site through it. To sweeten the deal, they’ve partnered with WordPress and ensured that installing WordPress is a seamless part of the process.  

Bluehost’s control panel (cPanel) is straightforward to use. But that’s not all; they equally have features for advanced users, so it’s not entirely meant for beginners alone.

But if you’re new to the business, you can easily install and start up WordPress in minutes. Or, you can simply use the Bluehost website builder (such as Weebly) to start with. It has lots of beautiful drag-and-drop templates that you can customize to suit your taste and style.

If you want to learn more about WordPress check out Why Should you use WordPress?

Bluehost cPanel

5. Security

Even as a pocket-friendly hosting solution, we’re happy to see that Bluehost isn’t holding back, or trying to economize on important features such as security. Bluehost India offers a ton of awesome security features like the free SSL certificate, which comes with every plan.

Additionally, every plan features a “domain privacy” option, which is designed to protect your personal information from the general public. This prevents cybercriminals from discovering and using this information for shady practices.

You’ll also enjoy the SiteLock feature, which helps to protect your site from malware attacks. Regrettably, these attacks are fairly common on WordPress-powered websites.

That’s not all; there’s also the CodeGuard feature, which helps to backup your database. With this, even if your site gets compromised, you can quickly restore its previous versions and shame the hackers.

Overall, with your site hosted on Bluehost India, you can always sleep with both eyes close, knowing that the company is always there to protect your website from malicious attacks.

6. 30 days Money back guarantee

Bluehost India offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all of their hosting plans.

You can try out the service to see their performance for yourself and ask for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied. We have a few words of caution, though.

According to Bluehost’s terms, here’s what does and doesn’t fall under that guarantee:

  • You can only get refunds on the web hosting cost, not any other products like domains or other add-ons.
  • Bluehost would deduct $15.99 if you received a free domain name in your plan.
  • Bluehost does not refund any requests after 30 days.

It’s not precisely a no-questions-asked policy like we’ve seen from some hosts. So make sure you agree with these points before signing up.

7. Excellent Customer Support

Bluehost India Support

Another excellent feature of Bluehost India is its extensive and fast customer support base. Customer support is paramount for any web hosting service to have, but finding a service that has fast and efficient support can be a dime a dozen. 

Luckily, Bluehost offers just that, and most users have said customer support is very helpful when needing immediate support. In fact, there’s a high chance you will connect to Bluehost’s Live Chat system within five minutes of waiting. 

All of its support bases are available 24/7, so you don’t need to worry about figuring out time zones. Bluehost also offers phone and email support, but the waiting times vary. However, you always have the option to pass the time by browsing its extensive knowledge base support forum for multiple FAQs, videos, in-depth articles, and support resources on everything web hosting-related. 

The company also offers additional professional services like Blue Sky, a great add-on service for anyone looking for direct access to Bluehost’s team of WordPress experts who are skilled in design, marketing, and WordPress security practices, and Full-Service Website Design that provides you with a team of website builders to create a powerful customized WordPress website.

The Bads (Cons) of Bluehost India

No one in the World can be Perfect. So, Bluehost India also has some Bads, Don’t Worry there are few.

1. Higher Renewal Rates

Though Bluehost offers cheap hosting plans initially, the renewal rates are significantly higher. For instance, the basic shared hosting plan, which starts at Rs 175/month for a 36-month term, will renew at Rs 399/month after the term’s expiry.  Though the difference is lesser for Indian users. If you buy hosting from, the initial rate starts at USD 2.95/month and the renewal rate starts at USD 8.99/month.

2. No Free Website Migrations

Most quality hosts out there, such as SiteGround and WPX Hosting, will help you migrate your existing site to their server free of charge. This is a necessary service that’ll make things easier for new customers.

But sadly, Bluehost charges for website migrations.

If you want them to move your site, then you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $149.99. With this fee, they will move your sites(up to five), email accounts, and other database files for the websites.

While they claim that the process will be seamless and fast and there won’t be any downtime or delays, the fact that it’s not free (and it’s costly) is a big turn-off.


There are plenty of exciting features and extras included at every price point, and the diversity of plans provides a lot of flexibility for every budget. Whatever your needs, Bluehost India delivers its packages.

Despite some negative feedback, the majority of customers are quite happy with Bluehost’s services. There is a reason that this company has such a strong reputation over 20 years of online business!

In summation, Bluehost India is literally one of the top few that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. If you’re looking for a web host with a rock-solid reputation, then look no further than Bluehost. With cheap and scalable plans you can customize your solution, and in just a couple of moments, you’ll be up and running.

Bluehost India is an absolute knockout of a web hosting provider – if you can grab the occasional sale (right now 65% Off), it’s an absolute no-brainer!

If you are a beginner, curious about How to Build a Website check out our Article How to Create a Website from Scratch

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